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Music 4 Ukraine

Music 4 Ukraine

Music 4 Ukraine is an initiative to express solidarity, provide support and relief to Ukraine as a result of russian aggression. Please find a list of meaningful options to help below. For updates please follow us on
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💙 💛 How music industry can support Ukraine right now

Donate funds to support Ukrainian refugees, internally displaced people, marginalized communities, or soldiers. Organize local fundraisers, sell charity merchandise.
Support Ukrainian artists and labels (via bandcamp or artists funds).
Cancel all cooperation with russian artists, promoters, clubs, organizations, who do not actively resist the actions of their government and do not explicitly take action to stop the russian military invasion of Ukraine. Why. Artists who canceled shows in russia.
Remove all representatives affiliated with the russian state from the supervisory and advisory boards of your organizations.
Refuse any donations, funding or sponsorship from russian organizations and their affiliates based in other countries.
Stop selling software or hardware in russia.
Spread the word to your audience and music community — share info about ways to help, make anti-war statements in social media.

👐 Support Ukrainian Artists and Musicians

Purchase Ukrainian releases via Bandcamp
Explore an extensive list of Ukrainian artists and labels on Bandcamp
Donate to MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE Charity Organization
The goal of MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE is to involve the global music industry in supporting Ukrainian artists who defend their cities and work as volunteers.
Support musicians via a private fund established by Am I Jazz? festival founder
Provide emergency opportunities (for example, grants) to Ukrainians outside and inside Ukraine
Please consider projects that are:
Paid. Some artists lost all sources of income.
Short-term (up to a month)
Do not require filling out lengthy application forms, with reduced bureaucracy. Some artists don’t have access to computers. Some artists lost their documents. Some artists lost their homes
Not technically demanding
Provide creative spaces and studios to artists from Ukraine
Similar to
Donate to 20 FT Radio - Kyiv-based music radio station gathering $100 000 for humanitarian needs
All funds collected during the Grains of Peace campaign will be transferred to NBU Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance, Destroyed Property and Infrastructure Restoration Fund and friends-volunteers who are fighting back against the occupier in different Ukrainian cities.
Donate to the Night Ambassadors - Lviv-based music culture collective is now organising humanitarian aid to help people and medical institutions in the hottest spots of Ukraine.
“Up till February 24th we called ourselves a team of creative ones, we were developing music culture in our city, country, and the world in general.
But, when the war started, everything changed. Night Ambassadors promptly retrained, chose our own volunteering direction and became real Help Ambassadors. Many of our good friends joined us, we grew and strengthened as a team and each one individually. Now we have one common crucial mission - to help people and medical institutions in the hottest spots of Ukraine”
Donate to the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days: this festival has created a fund to support the Ukrainian classical music community.
Ensuring a basic standard of living and security: food, medicine, housing, etc.
We accept requests, as well as proactively learn about such needs from those who do not have access to the Internet, and provide assistance. We also purchase what is needed and find a way to deliver the purchases, or look for an opportunity among volunteers to get and deliver what is needed.
Meeting the musicians’ needs to keep their practice going: ie. maintaining instruments in a proper condition, buying an inexpensive instrument in case of loss, and other urgent professional needs.
We accept inquiries about such needs, consider them, and look for opportunities to purchase what is needed and provide it to musicians.
Providing one-time financial assistance for civil needs in the amount of UAH 3,400.
UAH 3,400 is the maximum amount that, according to Ukrainian law, a public organization has the right to send once a year to the bank account of an individual without the need to draw up contracts or any other legal red tape. This amount becomes a charitable donation to an individual; it can be used for any civilian needs.
Receiving help in the form of 3,400 hryvnias does not deprive musicians of the opportunity to turn to us for other kinds of help.

🛡️ Support Defenders of Ukraine

Unfortunately russia won’t be stopped without substantial military resistance. Ukrainian soldiers need equipment to protect the civilians and make sure new Buchas won’t happen again. Please donate and contribute to saving of thousands of lives!
IMPORTANT: The funds are NOT spent on lethal weapons. The money is being distributed to support purely defence strategies, including medical assistance, accoutrements, and defence analysis.
🇺🇦 Donate to Come Back Alive - the biggest trusted (transparent) fund established in 2014.
🇺🇦 Donate to ARMY SOS - exclusively fund defensive strategies and tools such as defense mapping software, signals intelligence, UAVs7.
🇺🇦 Donate to Frontline.Care - local volunteering group from Kyiv with an excellent track record.
They find, buy, and deliver military uniforms and equipment for our soldiers at the FRONTLINE.
🇺🇦 Donate to KOLO - is a group of top executives from the tech industry united to help the military, help with thermal imagers and sights, drones, satellite phones and tactical radio equipment, helmets and body armour.
However, if you want to help Ukrainian armed forces to protect Europe and the World from the putinism - you can join #ArmUkraineNow initiative. Example

🫂 Support People

🔈 Join fundraisers and live streams
🎫 Enter the raffle by 4AD and donate to children in war zones (Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen)
👕 Purchase charity merchandise
A spreadsheet with official merch to be donated to charity organizations
We recommend prioritizing Ukrainian organizations. They are less bureaucratic and are more aware of current needs, while being transparent.
Please do not donate to Red Cross, especially. Explanation
Donate via established organizations:
🇺🇦 Humanitarian Fundraising - the National Bank of Ukraine
Money transferred to this account will be used by the Ministry of Social Policy:
to provide food and shelter for refugees and citizens that have been displaced due to military conflict
to provide clothing, shoes, and medicine for them
to buy staple goods for the population
to pay out one-off financial aid and to meet other essential needs of the population.
🇺🇦 United Help Ukraine
Focus on
Medical supplies: Individual First Aid Kits for service members of Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces; hospital equipment.
Personal Protective, Medical, and Survival Equipment
Humanitarian Aid: monetary grants and shipping of goods to internally displaced Ukrainians and refugees
Wounded Warrior: dedicated fundraisers for the Ukrainian wounded, including those who are being treated in American hospitals; support for their families
Raising Awareness: hosting rallies and cultural events to bring attention to Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and independence.
🌐 Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund
The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund is a country-based pooled fund. Pooled funds support a timely, coordinated and principled humanitarian response.
Your donation will help humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies in the Ukraine to assist the most vulnerable communities and people, and to provide them with urgently needed food, water, shelter and other basic support. Through this rapid and flexible response mechanism your gift today can be truly life-saving.
🌐 UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)
UNHCR has stepped up our operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries - your support can help ensure that people forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.
🧒🏼 🇺🇦 Voices of Children - help children impacted by the war
The Voices of Children Foundation has been helping children affected by the war since 2015, provide psychological and psychosocial support to children
🧒🏼 🇺🇦Tabletochki Charity Foundation - help children with cancer
The project will help to keep treatment of children with cancer in Ukraine, who are fighting 2 cruel wars now.
🧒🏼 🌐 UNICEF - donate to fulfil basic needs for children
Join UNICEF Donation Drive for Ukrainian Children
🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇦 Insight - Ukrainian LGBTQ+ and feminist NGO
providing psychological and legal support;
providing medicines, hormones, food;
3 safe houses (shelters) for permanent stay
🏳️‍🌈 🌐 Forbidden Colours - Support Ukrainian LGBTQ+ refugees
Forbidden Colours has started a fundraising campaign to support organisations in Poland, Hungary and Romania that are welcoming LGBTIQ+ refugees the coming weeks. They will provide first-line help, such as housing. In the meantime, Forbidden Colours advocates with high-level government officials to arrange a more sustainable solution inside the European Union for these LGBTIQ+ refugees.
🏳️‍🌈 🌐 OutRight International - LGBTIQ UKRAINE EMERGENCY FUND
OutRight International is a global LGBTQ+ human rights organization. 100% of donations to OutRight’s Ukraine Fund go directly to local LGBTIQ partners in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Contributions help provide emergency assistance to LGBTIQ people who need safe shelter, food, competent medical care, transportation for those who are fleeing, and other types of humanitarian support.
♿ 🇺🇦 Fight for Right - Help Ukrainians with Disabilities
We at Fight For Right have been helping these individuals to evacuate, and we have been working 24/7. Our team tirelessly seeks out volunteers, gathering medicine and food for this emergency. We problem-solve and help evacuate everyone who needs it; and some people with disabilities have been successfully evacuated. There are so many more waiting. We are all fighting for every life!
👩🏼‍🦰 🇺🇦 Ukrainian Women’s Fund - support women
🍲 🌐 World Central Kitchen - provide people in need Fresh food & hot meals
Other sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

🗞️ Read and share news from trusted sources


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📰Full articles - Artists and musicians share their perspective on the war in Ukraine
Helpful resources
Artists stories

✊🏾 They already joined the movement  

Expressed solidarity, cancelled concerts and activities in Russia, donated or raised money


Together With Ukraine compilation
Directing 100% of its sales to UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency). It includes the Nicolas Jaar–organized collection Weavings, which features 16 artists from around the world.
Resident Advisor
R3 Soundsystem fundraiser Hot Chip (DJ set) / The Blessed Madonna / Midland / Roisin Murphy / Dance System / Gideön / Shay Malt / Hannah Holland / Dan Beaumont / Nyra / Helena Star / Craig Richards/ Chapter 10 x Adonis / Horse Meat Disco/ Helena Star / Dan Beaumont
Streaming for Ukraine (RA. Fabric London. Secret Sundaze)
Craig Richards/Daniel Avery/Danielle B2B Parris/Fabio B2B Grooverider/ Gilles Peterson B2B Jamz Supernova/ Jane Fitz B2B Carl H/ Secretsundaze/ Shannen SP B2B Ikonika
Released the compilation A Collective Memoir on February 23, just ahead of the first strikes on Ukraine.  Contributors, including Perila, are from Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. Proceeds from the compilation will benefit a humanitarian corridor organization in Ukraine and a cultural organization in Artsakh, which works with children of war.
United We Stream
Bierpinsel x Blind Spots Berlin
Daria Kolosova, Diana Azzuz & Rina Priduvalova, DJ Stingray 313, Laure Croft, Nastya Vogan and Tijana T. Moderated by Mariana Berezovska.
Unizone “We just released a charity compilation "4UA" with 19 tracks by Czech & Czechia based producers. We unanimously protest against the aggressive invasion on Ukraine, not only because Putin‘s politics doesn‘t belong in the 21st century, but also because our country has its own experiences with invasion masked as a "peacekeeping mission". No more invasions! Fuck imperialism of all kinds!”
DJ Mag/Night Tales
Basssiani club (Tbilisi)
Crack Magazine
VTSS, 96 Back, Laraaji, BABii, Mount Kimbie, Object Blue and Coby Sey. Once you’ve donated, you can also download loops by Manuka Honey, Salamanda, Visible Cloaks, Laurel Halo and Lurka.
United 4 Equity
The Pickle Factory
On Thursday 10th and Sunday 13th March, The Pickle Factory hosts two fundraiser parties, with 100% of the proceeds going to charities in aid of Ukraine.
Am I Jazz
Riot Fest
100% of proceeds to support Ukrainian Organizations: Revived Soldiers Ukraine & Razom for Ukraine
COP International (Rammstein, Faith No More, Stabbing Westward and more)
Covered classic “Come Together” to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
Headphone Commute
Amsterdam’s Radio Radio FM
Will host a livestream raising funds for The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and the International Fund (КОЖЕН МОЖЕ) DJ sets will come from Alison Swing, Carista, DJ Bone, Elias Mazian, Job Jobse, Ki/Ki, Lola Palmer and Young Marco.
Concert for Ukraine
Jazz fundraiser for Ukraine Tickets are £15 all proceeds to humanitarian support in Ukraine
Berlin’s Refuge Worldwide radio/Our Society
Will also host a livestreamed event on Sunday in the station’s Oona venue. Funds raised through the event, and via this donation link , will go toward Vostok-SOS  and the Ukrainian Red Cross
Refuge Worldwide will also be making a donation from its bar spend, and from donated record sales. The event will take place from 2pm and will feature sets from Alinka, Cromby, JASSS, Palms Trax and others.
BBC Introducing with Adam Walton
“A celebration of Ukrainian music to show solidarity with that beautiful and besieged country”
Laurent Garnier/Thirty Minute Jam
Profits will be donated for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
∄ club (Kyiv)
Launched a community fund providing financial, humanitarian and logistical support to the musical and cultural community in Ukraine.
Hosting live fundraiser sessions with Bambounou, FaltyDL and more. All the proceeds will go to NGOs working on the ground.
All revenues collected from the sales will be directed to the Ukrainian artists with whom we managed to get in touch: Animated Sounds, Peshka, Komponente, Yansima, Ilya Cheise, Vlad Barocco, Orbit, the initiative launched by Antipina Anna & Silat Beksi as well as the Gofundme campaign lunched by Kirik.
Disasters Emergency Committee (Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Emeli Sandé, Tom Odell, Gregory Porter)
A Benefit for Ukraine
Violinists support Ukraine
Released “Electronic Resistance“, a 55-track compilation featuring darkwave/post-punk acts from the Ukrainian underground scene only on Bandcamp.
Popoff Kitchen
Moscow-based queer techno party Popoff cancelled an event and shared a Russian petition calling for an end to the war with Ukraine

💿 Independent Labels

Dark Entries records
Music from Memory
Is raising money for Red Cross Ukraine with a new compilation, Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine
Monstercat has donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation
Ninja Tune
Donating to Association for Ukrainians in Great Britain’s emergency fund and the United States–based organization Sunflower for Peace
Fat Possum/Luminelle Recordings
Will donate a portion of proceeds to Nova Ukraine
Wharf Cat
Is directing all revenue to UUARC.
We Jazz Records
Released a 25-song benefit Music for Ukraine, with proceeds going to multiple organizations.
100% Electronica
Will donate 100% of its label shares to Ukrainian Orphanages.
Z Tapes
Created a relief compliation “All proceeds will be donated to - a Slovakian organisation that's been providing humanitarian aid in neighboring Ukraine for the past 22 years”
Gost Zvuk
Russian label Gost Zvuk has released a name-your-price compilation, 'STOP THE WAR!' , via Bandcamp, featuring 32 tracks by affiliated artists. In a note alongside the release, Gost Zvuk said: "War is a crime against humanity. We stand with the people of Ukraine and demand an immediate end to war. We condemn the actions of the Russian government. 100% of all proceeds will be sent to humanitarian funds helping those in need."
Monkeytown Records
Will donate revenue from Bandcamp to Red Cross
Disintegration State
“Any revenue from #BandcampFriday purchases on our label will go to Red Cross to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine”
Shall Not Fade
Will donate 100% of proceeds to WithUkraine
Lobster Theremin
SYNOID/Plusminus Studio
“With this project, we decided to raise money for the UN humanitarian fund, for Ukraine! All the profit will be donated”
Epitaph Records
has released a compilation album on Bandcamp to benefit Ukraine.

🎶 Majors. Promotion and Distribution Companies

Sony Music Group
Warner Music
Universal Music Group
CD Baby
Live Nation
“Live Nation joins the world in strongly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” reads the company’s statement. “We will not promote shows in Russia, and we will not do business with Russia. We’re in the process of reviewing our vendors so we can cease work with any and all Russian-based suppliers.”
Downtown Music Holdings
Absolute Label Services
Sub Pop/Hardly Art
Donating $2 per album sold (in all formats in Bandcamp and their online stores) to World Central Kitchen ’s Chefs for Ukraine campaign.
Joyful Noise Recordings (+Deerhoof, Suuns, Tropical Fuck Storm, and others)
Will donate all proceeds to OutRight International Action and Voices of Children
Full Time Hobby/Hassle
Are donating all proceeds to the Red Cross
Critical Music
The team and artists at Critical have decided to donate 100% of the revenue generated tomorrow to the UNHCR (@Refugees) charity to help those who have been displaced by the current conflict in the Ukraine
50% of todays sales (anything the label earns) from our Bandcamp will go to a Ukraine Charity to benefit the people suffering there.
The Trilogy Tapes
Inverted Audio
Crafted a well-curated list of Ukrainian labels and artistsWith so many Ukrainian record labels, compilations, albums and tracks to support, it can be dizzying to navigate through them all. Therefore, we have pieced together our own list to highlight the labels and artists that might appeal to our readers”
Trap Nation
Defected Records
As part of the launch of the stream, we will be raising much-needed money for the International Rescue Committee (@RESCUEorg), which will go directly to the emergency response in Ukraine.
You can donate via the stream, or use the link below. 🙏
“All proceeds from WhyPeopleWar, a two-part, 140-track compilation organised by Lithuanian label whypeopledance, will go to Red Cross Ukraine. Check out volume one and volume two
Clone Records
All revenues from 18th till 20th march (with deduction of the Bandcamp fee) will go to the three funds below, so go hit those buy buttons on your favorite tracks and albums right now!
Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund
Zeilen van Vrijheid 🇺🇦🕊️
Northern Electronics
As a direct response to Russia’s diabolic invasion of Ukraine, Northern Electronics assembles a sonic charity collection in order to raise funds for UNICEF, helping the children and families who’s suffering under the rage of their occupier.
All proceeds will go to UNICEF Ukraine.
Permanent Vacation Records

🔊 Streaming and Music Technology

Spotify is suspending its services in Russia as the country’s invasion of Ukraine continues into its second month. In a statement, the company appears to reference Russia’s new law that punishes spreading fake news about the military with up to 15 years in prison  as the primary reason for why it’s shutting down in the country.
Spotify also deleted their apps from App Store.
Deezer is discontinuing service in Russia & Belarus until further notice
Erica Synths
donating 100 percent of sales from various instruments—including Black Digital Noise, Sequential Switch II and Snazzy FX—to the Ukrainian relief effort

🎙️ Artists

Franz Ferdinand
Jethro Tull
"I want you to know that the band, the crew and I wish you all the best at this very difficult time...we're very, very sad to hear of the invasion of your national sovereignty.”
Arcade Fire
130+ drum and bass artists
“With every day that passes, the high-scale humanitarian crisis and assault on the people of Ukraine continues to worsen. Civilian deaths are increasing on a daily basis across the country with no sign of stopping, with millions of citizens already forced out of their homes in search of refuge. As we wake up to yet another day of war, hundreds more innocent lives have been lost and destroyed overnight. We cannot leave this unchecked, and we need to act on this now without hesitation.
Now more than ever is a time for unity, solidarity and support of a nation under attack. It's crucial for us to use our voice to create widespread and sustained awareness of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, and to give support in every way possible. Whether it's signing petitions, attending demonstrations, sharing facts on social media, offering help for refugees, or more - this situation cannot be allowed to continue, and engaging in support of any kind for the people of Ukraine is our absolute priority.
We are incredibly grateful to the music community for supporting our initiative to raise vital funds for humanitarian aid on the front line. All artists and people involved have offered their services free of charge, and all revenue generated will be donated directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. We have set a minimum price of £12 for the compilation, but we would encourage everyone to give generously and donate a higher amount if you have the means to do so.
We would like to thank everybody who has taken part in making this project a reality – including our extended team of Diana and Bohdan (Ukraine), Jan (Germany) and Piotr (Poland) - as well as everybody that is willing to purchase the album.
For more information on the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, and the humanitarian efforts they are undertaking to heal the devastating impacts of the war in Ukraine, please visit their website at
Iggy Pop
Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians and all the brave people who oppose this violence and seek peace. #StandingWithUkraine
Slowdive everyone, we have been shocked by the scenes of suffering resulting from Putins' invasion of Ukraine.  All profits from this limited edition shirt will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.
Bring Me The Horizon
Supports Ukraine — cancelled Russian and Belorussian shows
“We will be using our platform and voice to do what we can to support Ukraine in these incredibly difficult times.”
Though we do not wish to penalize our fans for governmental decisions that are beyond their control, given the current state of affairs we will no longer be performing our previously scheduled shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine.
The Killers
Sonic Youth
All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to benefit the people of Ukraine.
“I cannot entertain you when Russian missiles are falling on Ukraine—when residents of Kyiv are forced to hide in basements and in the metro, while people are dying.”
Chuck Johnson
Released a film score piece, composed in 2020, “Carpathia .”All funds are directed to Doctors Without Borders
Emily Wells
Donating all proceeds from her new album Regards to the End to QUA-LGBTQ Ukrainians in America
A portion of proceeds from three new reissues on Fire Talk will go to three organizations: Razom for UkraineRevived Soldiers Ukraine, and Nova Ukraine.
Son Lux
Will donate all proceeds to World Central Kitchen, which serves meals to Ukrainian families
Is donating all sales to the Red Cross to support their effort in Ukraine.
All proceedings from “Trip 2 Ukraine” and other bandcamp releases go to The ‘Return Alive’ Fund, helping at the Ukrainian front and ‘Ukraine Pride’ Fund for LGBTQIA+ soldiers.
Rita Ora
We Banjo 3 ”Buy our song Sunflower today and we will donate 100% of the proceeds to The @RedCrossUkraine PLUS we will double every single dollar you spend. 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦”
Huerta has released a new track, "Desire," with 100 percent of sales going to Ukrainian charities
Paula Temple
Paula Temple is directing 100 percent of sales from unreleased track "RESIST" to Gostomel Animal Shelter in Ukraine
Amelie Lens
The Cure
Dinosaur Jr.
The Used
Delta Sleep
Donating merch sales - 50% of all proceeds will go to helping the Children/Families of Ukraine
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Cancelled concert and showed support
“Our thoughts and love go out to the brave people of Ukraine, their heroic leader, and all those suffering from this senseless war,”
Biffy Clyro
"Our thoughts and prayers are with all Ukrainian citizens and Russian people who desire peace.”
Billy Talent
Donated to the Red Cross' Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. They urged their fans to do the same
The Chemical Brothers
Raising funds for Ukraine Relief
Andy Stott/Boomkat
All proceeds will be split between Medical Aid Ukraine and the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.
Green Day
"My heart is with you - you've already shown such strength and determination, resisting this needless invasion. Everyone deserves to be the creator of their own destiny, rather than having it forced upon them by acts of war and aggression," he wrote. "Ukraine, I promise I'll come back as soon as I can!”
Eric Clapton
Zola Jesus
Cassandra Jenkins
Released a limited edition “Hard Drive” hat, with 50% of profits going to UNICEF’s Ukraine relief efforts.
Louis Tomlinson
“Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine”
Pussy Riot
The Coathangers/Trail of Dead’s
Cover of Pussy Riot’s “Putin Lights Up the Fires” will benefit CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund .“As a refugee from Belarus with family ties in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia the current crisis hits deep,” the Coathangers’ Julia Kugel said in a statement. “Grateful for Pussy Riot. Grateful to the superheroes of Ukraine and inspired by their courage to do the right thing. We need each other.”
Skee Mask 
Has released the new album A, with earnings getting donated to humanitarian Ukraine relief organizations.
Donating all sales from Oasis Nocturno to UNICEF
Loose Buttons
Has partnered with Ukrainian restaurant Veselka, and all profits will fund supplies for their donation drive
Peder Mannerfelt
Today is @bandcamp Friday. Following is a list of compilations feat my music where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to relief for Ukraine 🇺🇦❣️
Dax J/Monnom Black
“Its horrific to watch the disgraceful events of the Russian invasion as they continue to destroy Ukraine. Monnom Black will be donating 100% of all Bandcamp sales this month to The Ukrainian Red Cross who help those fighting on the front lines, and provide humanitarian aid to all”
Massive Attack
Imagine Dragons
Twenty One Pilots
Dua Lipa/Service 95
We too at @service95 want to help, which is why we’re sharing several ways to support humanitarian efforts, assist with medical supplies, and even support the war effort by donating to the Ukranian army’s crowd-funding campaign 🇺🇦 🤍
Pink Floyd
”To stand with the world in strongly condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the works of Pink Floyd, from 1987 onwards, and all of David Gilmour's solo recordings are being removed from all digital music providers in Russia and Belarus from today”
The Acacia Strain
The Acacia Strain  has released a new shirt to benefit the people of Ukraine via the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund .